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Safety, Customer Care & Sizing


Your Childs safety is paramount to us and so whilst you are already probably aware of this we would just like to stress the importance of safety when wearing any item of clothing whether that be from us here at mini holliday|little ones or from a large scale cooperation.

Please ensure that if your child is wearing anything with buttons, drawstrings, cords, ribbons, straps - as per many of our pieces. We would like to kindly remind you that Children & Babies are not to be left unattended in any of our pieces and we ask that they don't sleep in them for safety reasons.  

We wash everything before it is sent to you usually twice, once before the fabric is cut (down to shrinkage) and after the item is made. Your piece is then aired, pressed & wrapped. 

We recommend that once your item arrives that you wash it yourself in your own fabric softener, with all of our pieces - 30 degrees is best (for the fabric & environment), do not tumble, but line or air dry and use a hot iron to press.

Please ensure all/if any labels (not including care or garment label) are removed along with any plastic, safety pins (if applicable), cords, wrapping, tissue or ribbons. 

mini holliday | little ones Hand Made


Small-0-3 months

Medium- 6-9 months

Large-9-12 months


Weight up to - 7-13 lbs.(XS - Up to 3 months), 13-18 lbs (S - Up to 6 months). 18-21 lbs (M - Up to 12 Months). 21-24 lbs. (L - Up to 18 months)

Height up to  17"-24" (XS - Up to 3 months),  24"-26" (S - Up to 6 months), 26˘"-31" (M - Up to 12 Months), 31"-34" (L - Up to 18 months), (XL- up to 2T), Bespoke sizing I will go up to age 4 but please contact me prior to ordering.


All sizing (if applicable) is located in the listing

Happy Prince

Small -6-12 months

Medium-12-18 months

Large-18-24 months


X Small- 0-6 months

Small- 6-12 months

Medium- 12-18 months