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Happy Prince

Baby Fashion Since 2006

Happy Prince has been around for a while. It was first released in 2006 and quickly became a serious baby fashion brand. The brand name is now very well known in Korea and throughout South East Asia because of regular attendance to Korea’s biggest baby fairs. And its popularity grew quickly thanks to occasional TV appearances when worn by babies of Korean celebrities. Happy Prince is one of the largest brand companies in Asia, known for its amazing quality, style and comfort. We at mini holliday | little ones are thrilled to be chosen as a stockist for this fantastic brand.

Styling Taken Seriously

It is clear that Happy Prince is a well-established and professional fashion brand when looking at their collections over the years. Happy Prince releases 6 collections per year with each collection having a clearly distinct design style. It even names each collection with fitting titles such as Neo Monochrome-style and Funky style. The most recent collection is called Desert Hue style and shows a lot of beige/sandy colours, soft fabrics and the occasional desert themed print like cactuses. With no exception each new design fits the theme of the current collection.


Started at Home

LALA started the same way as so many brands do. Jayjay was first making clothing exclusively for her own children and was soon asked by other mummies to sell some to them. That is how LALA got started in October 2015. The brand name sums up Jayjay’s design ambition to make children happy, since “lala” is the sound of having fun. The original brand logo underscored this by adding the smiley face emoticon: “LALA :)”

Early Adopters in Europe

Already within one month a couple of European shops noticed the new LALA brand and decided to give it a try. Their customers loved the natural and cosy style, the exceptional quality and the attention to detail -the LALA products sold out within 2 weeks. These early adopters really embraced the LALA brand and promoted their LALA products on social media. As a result LALA’s brand awareness and sales increased dramatically throughout its first season. So Jayjay had to quickly scale up to keep up with demand. What is really exceptional is that LALA has always been more popular abroad than in Korea. Over 120 shops outside of Korea have stocked LALA products and most of them have become loyal resellers of the LALA brand.
Thousands of Rabbit Suits
In LALA’s second season Jayjay really struck gold when she introduced the for the first time-The Rabbit Suit which has been LALA’s bestselling product ever since. Over the past two years Jayjay created summer and winter suits based on the same design, which all sold well! We are so happy to be able to stock the Linen Rabbit Suit here at mini holliday | little ones.